Particularly during the Second World War, many cultural assets were lost in Germany and Europe due to persecution and war, a large part of which has not been clarified to this day. The Amber Room, which was captured by the German Wehrmacht in Russia in 1941 and whose whereabouts are still unknown, is only the best-known example of this. We support the clarification of such losses through research in the archives and on site.


Whereas historical research used to be based almost exclusively on written testimonies, today oral history is also gaining in importance. The reason for this is that nowadays interest in "history from below" - the experience of the ordinary people - has grown. On your behalf, we identify and interview contemporary witnesses to historical events of the recent past that are not written down anywhere.


For media professionals such as journalists, filmmakers and authors who attach importance to a historically accurate portrayal, it is often a challenge to verify the circumstances of the time. This is where we can help, researching and validating disputed points with written or pictorial evidence.


Only through source criticism and chronological classification do historical documents acquire real significance. Using standard scientific methods for private individuals, we analyze the researched documents with regard to the question and provide you with a professional assessment beyond the mere material.


Information meetings and workshops not only serve historical educational work, but also increase public interest in the goals of cultural institutions and associations. We are happy to support your public relations work in this regard with lectures on historical topics.


Whether a flea market or attic find, an archive discovery or grandmother's secret papers: Bequests are an important source for researchers of all shades, but are often unorganized. We are happy to take on the challenge, sifting through and cataloging surviving stocks of films, photos, letters, documents, diaries and other estates.